Diamond, a rare gemstone, is a symbol of purity and love. It brings love into relationships and enhances the commitment of the people in a relationship. The diamond is said to be a positive amplifier, doubling the positive energy which is passed on into it, thus making it a suitable gem for healing. The larger the diamond the more effective its abilities are.

On a psychological level, the diamonds provides fearlessness, invincibility and stimulates the growth of creativity. Mentally, the diamond clears and enlightens the mind. Spiritually, the diamond provides a clear path for the owner to tread on and activates the crown chakra, thus aiding in spiritual evolution and bliss. However, it should be kept in mind that the diamond seeks out the negativity in the owner’s body and transforms it.

Diamonds are gemstones of great value and have long been upheld for their hardness and fiery brilliance. During ancient times in India, the Hindus viewed diamonds as powerful talismans that brought the owner love, beauty, fortune and power.


Aum Sham Shukraaya Namaha

Note: To be recited sixteen times.


Planet: Venus

Rasi: Rishabham, Thulam

Star: Bharani, Pooram, Pooradam

Day: Friday


  • Keeps the owner youthful, happy and beautiful.



  • Brings in fame, fortune and money.
  • Stabilizes the expenses.
  • Provides a comfortable domestic life.
  • Treats glaucoma and clears the sight.
  • Stimulates the intuition and psychic awareness.
  • Treats allergies and heart problems.
  • Strengthens the bones.
  • Blesses one with the grace of Goddess Mahalakshmi.
  • Rebalances the body’s metabolism, builds up stamina and detoxifies the body.

Note: A diamond should not be worn with a ruby and/or pearl.


The coral gem stone has been in use since pre-historic times, either as an ornament or as a protective talisman. The use of this gem stone was most prevalent during Celtic times. It has a long history with religion which started with the Romans and spread through to the Tibetans. Among the Asian cultures, the coral was highly praised and used to decorate their deities. It was believed that the coral could negate evil forces, calm the soul and bless one with wisdom.

The coral, when worn, raises ones self-esteem and bestows the wearer with confidence. It provides one with capability, dominance in the social sphere and the drive to work harder. The gem stone is said to clear the path of all hurdles. It aids in real estate businesses and in the political sphere.

Furthermore, on a psychological level, the coral gem stone was said to calm the wearer’s mind, leading he/she to appropriate decisions and onto the right path. The gem stone not only calms the mind, but also the soul, leading to a feeling of bliss. The coral also acts as a very powerful and protective talisman, negating with evil influences; it transforms negative energy into positive energy.

This gemstone has also proved to be a useful aid when in sickness by preventing the occurrence of fever, small pox, blood-related diseases, impotency and typhus.


Om Angkaarakaaya Namaha

Note: To be recited nineteen times.


Planet: Mars

Rasi: Mesham, Vrichikam

Star: Mrigasiridam, Chittirai, Avittam

Day: Tuesday





  • Aids in fertility while preventing impotency.
  • Wards away evil influences.
  • Blesses one with courage, confidence and self-esteem.
  • Provides the wearer with success in unexpected occasions.
  • Regulates the hormone system.
  • Prevents the regular occurrence of headaches and stomach aches.
  • Bestows one with luck in the case of real estate.
  • Prevents and/or cures blood-related diseases.
  • Treats piles, diarrhoea and heat-related diseases.

Note: Coral should not be worn with blue sapphire and/or emerald.

Cat’s Eye

Cat's Eye

Cat’s Eye

The cat’s eye is a gemstone that is generally used to protect one against the malefic effects of Kethu. The stone is a descendent of a Chrysoberyl. Cat’s eye is commonly known as a protective talisman and also as a stone of new beginnings. It aligns with and opens the crown chakra, making way for spiritual awareness.

The cats’ eye gemstone protects one against evil influences, and most importantly, witch craft. It also helps one deal with the fear of death. Moreover, the stone helps in decisive planning and steers one in the direction of justice, while encouraging forgiveness towards those who have committed wrong doings toward them.

As the cat’s eye stimulates and opens the crown chakra, it releases creativity and and spirituality. Both these traits help the wearer in construction a peaceful life, essential for one to deal with the destructive effects of Kethu. Furthermore, this gemstone sharpens the wit and intellect of the wearer. It makes one confident and determined; a definite path can be seen by the wearer. The use of this gemstone is said to have sharpened the wearer’s night vision.

The cat’s eye gemstone plays a minor role in regulating the hormone system as it controls the cholesterol level in the body while balancing the adrenaline enzymes. Moreover, it aids facial pain, headaches and chest and liver related diseases.


Aum Kem Kethuve Namaha

Note: To be recited eighteen times.


Planet: Kethu

Rasi: Meenam

Star: Ashwini, Makam, Moolam

Day: Thursday


  • Blesses one with fame, fortune and luck.
  • Increases one’s devotion to God.
  • Protects the wearer from evil influences and mysterious diseases.
  • Enhances night vision.
  • Sharpens the wit and intellect while promoting creativity.
  • Treats diseases related to breathing and the eyes.
  • Relieves one of headaches, facial pain and other minor pains.
  • Cures asthma and jaundice.

Note: Cat’s eye should not be worn with ruby and/or pearl.

Blue Sapphire

Sapphire - blue

Sapphire – blue

Sapphires are known as stones of wisdom and intelligence, with each colour having its own importance, effects and wisdom. The blue sapphire is considered as a stone of spiritualism. It is associated with the heart chakra.

There are four different types of blue sapphires, with each one having slight variations in their healing properties: Indra Neelam, Raja Neelam, Jala Neelam and Karu Neelam. The blue sapphire is said to connect very deeply with earth, one of the five elements.

The blue sapphire is a tranquilizing stone, helping its wearer’s to become steady in their resolve with a clear path in their heads. It leads one towards the right path. It also stimulates and heals the throat chakra.

The history of sapphires date back to 7th century BC, when they were used by the Etruscans. Later on, the tradition was carried on by the Greeks and Romans. These sapphires were believed to have been mined from India and Sri Lanka.


Aum Sham Shaneeshvaraaya Namaha

Note: To be recited twenty-three times.


Planet: Saturn

Rasi: Makaram, Kumbham

Star: Anusham, Uttirattathy

Day: Friday and Saturday


blue sapphire

blue sapphire


  • Lengthens one’s life span and brings in prosperity.
  • Counteracts the evil eye and transforms negative energy to positive.
  • Prevents the occurrence of headaches, mental diseases, gouts and skin diseases.
  • Blesses one with health, fortune and courage.
  • Blesses one with luck in obtaining vehicles and protects against the dangers of travelling.

Note: A blue sapphire should not be worn with ruby, coral and/or pearl.



It is a Sanskrit word. Rakshai means thaayathu or talisman. They are a manifested form of God that one wears for protection. The talismans usually carry a written piece of inscribed Yantra, whereby it is worshipped upon and all the prayers have been made to ensure the utmost benefit for its bearer.


  1. Shri Sudharshana Rakshai

For continuous problems with enemies and obstacles.

  • Shri Mahalakshmi Rakshai

For peace in the family environment, as well as prosperity.

  • Shri Sani Kavacha Rakshai

For those who are undergoing 7 ½ Sani, Asthama Sani, Kandaka Sani, Arthaasthama Sani, Sani Dasa, Sani Bukthi. This Rakshai will help reduce the ill effects of Sani.

  • Paarvathi Suyamvara Rakshai

For those who are having trouble finding a partner, or having marital Doshas, or for those trying to remarry after a failed marriage.

  • Shri Dhanvanthiri Rakshai

For a healthy lifestyle and prevention as well as curing of diseases.

  • Shri Rajagopala Rakshai

For health, wealth, fame and prosperity.

  • Aayushya Rakshai

For longevity.

  • Rathi Manmatha Rakshai

For increased bonding between married couples and the rectification of their problems and negative energies.

  • Shiva Rakshai

For those who are Dhanusu or Meena Rasi, those who are undergoing Guru Dasa, Guru Bukthi, and also for those who are born under the Punarpoosam, Visakam, Poorataathi Nakshatras.

  • Subramaniya Rakshai

For those who are born under the Karthigai, Utthiram, Utthiraadam Nakshatras. Also for those undergoing the Sevvai Dasa. Mesha Rasi people should also wear this Rakshai for best benefits.

  • Vinayagar Rakshai

For overcoming any form of obstacles.

  • Bala Rakshai

For protection of new-born babies from ill-effects, evil spirits, unwanted omens, unwanted diseases and other forthcomings.

  • Vidhya Rakshai

For prospering in education and removing any obstacles standing in the way of it.

  • Sumangali Rakshai

To ensure the longevity of the marriage and the husband.


Homam Services

Homam Services

Homa (also known as homam or havan) is a Sanskrit word which refers to any ritual in which making offerings into a consecrated fire is the primary action. Its practice by “Rishis” in ancient time refers close to the Vedic era. At present, the words homa/homam and havan are interchangeable with the word Yajna. Homas are an important religious practise in Hinduism and have miraculous benefits at times.

  • 1.     Shri Maha Sudarshana homa

For success in any undertaking

  • 2.     Aayushya homa

To ward off evil influences present in a child’s life immediately following its birth, thereby ensuring longevity

  • 3.     Mrutyunjaya homa

To ward off life threatening situations

  • 4.     Lakshmi Kubera homa

For wealth and material prosperity

  • 5.     Ganapathi Homam

To overcome obstacles

  • 6.     Dhanvanthri Homam

For good health

  • 7.     Paarvathi Suyamvara Homam

To alleviate any obstacles in obtaining a blissful married life.

  • 8.     Prythingara Homam

To counter the effects of black magic and overcome your enemies.

  • 9.     Graga Pravesha Vaasthu Homam

For those who are moving in to a new living space.


Semi-Precious Stones

Crystal Stones

Tiger’s Eye

Egg Shape Tiger's Eye

Egg Shape Tiger’s Eye

Grounding, balancing, earthy.  Promotes optimism, psychic ability and intuition. Stimulates awareness and understanding. Has been used to attract and maintain wealth.

tiger eye bead bracelet 10mm

tiger eye bead bracelet 10mm


Citrine Bracelet

Citrine Bracelet

Citrine is one of the only stones which dissipates negative energy, and never requires cleansing or clearing. Warm energy, promotes optimism. Also attracts abundance, and is known as a “merchants’ stone,” to be placed in cash register or where one conducts business, to not only acquire positive wealth but to maintain it as well. Activates third chakra. Enhances body’s healing energy. Good for mental focus, endurance, and self-esteem.



The Spadigam, has a controlling energy and the quality of these beads is referring by its purity. Mainly the crystal beads are used to get relieve from stress, headaches and generally support healing and increases intuition.


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the love stone!  Adds positive love energy to relationships.  Compassion and forgiveness.  Calming, helps clear stored anger, resentment, jealousy, fears.  Replaces negativity with harmony.  Helps to balance upper four chakras and eases sexual/emotional imbalances.  Enhances self-confidence and creativity.  Aids kidneys and circulatory system, promotes release of impurities.



Cuts through illusion. Enhances psychic abilities. Excellent for meditation. Aids channeling abilities. Sedative, protective. Enhances feeling of contentment, and a connection to one’s spirituality. Stone of peace and strength. Activates crown chakra.



Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a stone for acquiring wisdom, esoteric knowledge. Connection betweeen the physical and celestial. Awareness, attunement, intuition and psychic ability. Stone of protection.


Moon Stone

Moonstone cleanses negativity from the Chakras.


Smoky Quartz

Dissipates negativity.  Balances energies of mind and body.  Good for meditation.  Protective and grounding stone.  Enhances dream awareness and channeling abilities.  Mitigates depression, is mildly sedative and relaxing.



Embodies creativity, leadership and balance of male-female energies.



Stone of balance and transformation.  Brings to understanding processes in one’s life and body, assisting in one’s spiritual evolution.  Stimulates intuitive power, making one more open to change and advancement.  Malachite also represents fidelity, loyalty, practicality, and responsibility.  Allows for insight into emotional factors that may be manifesting as physical illness.  It is known for protection against radiation and for strengthening immune system.  Eases delivery in birthing, and also facilitates the re-birthing process, as it helps one to recognize and clear past negative experiences.



Centering, alignment, self-control. Helps one to make wise decisions. Assists in the grieving process.



Understanding, recognition, openeness, acceptance. Provides a shield of protection. Good healer. Inspires happiness.



Topaz is the crystal of love and success. Promotes individuality, expression, and creativity. Stores energy, thoughts, love. Activates first three chakras.



Stone of courage. Centering, grounding. Helps one overcome distress and anxiety.



Agate is a stone of balance, precision, perception and eliminates negativity.



Stone of health, commitment, devotion, and passion. Stimulates Kundalini, assists in flow of energy.



Jade balances male/female energies. Stone of protection, provides barrier against attacks and illness. Encouranges meditative travel. Helps in making the dream process productive and healing.


Sun Stone

Alleviates stress, increases vitality. Encourages independence and originality. Good fortune to those who wear or carry it.


Other Services

  1. Energy Pendant : Improves health and helps center and focus the mind.
  2. Yantra Pyramid : Pyramids have extraordinary powers. Scientifically proven. These Yantra pyramids may help you attain your desires.
  3. Navagraha Pyramid : Navagrahas by itself will help reduce the planetary ill-effects that you may be undergoing. What more when combined with pyramids?
  4. Salt-Lamp : Provides you a energized and clean environment.
  5. Citrine Tree : Harmonizes your environment, balances out the energies and provides you with an energized living space.
  6. Amethyst Rock : Helps focus thoughts and desires into a more centralized frequency. Harmonizes and makes energy positive.

Navagraha Stone

  1. Ruby (for sun) gives name, fame, vigour, virtue and the capacity to command
  2. Pearl (for moon) strengthens mental faculties calms emotions and Increases Peace of mind.
  3. Red Coral (for mars) person becomes courageous
  4. Emerald (for mercury) Improves memory, communication and best gem for eyes and nervous system.
  5. Yellow Saphire (for Jupiter) Widely used to enhance financial status, gets plenty of wealth, good health, name & fame.
  6. Diamond (for Venus) The Person has a luxurious life, enhances the name, fame.
  7. Blue Sapphire (for Saturn) It counter acts enviousness from others & keep away evil. It also restores lost wealth & prosperity.
  8. Hessonite or Gomedhak (for Rahu) Protects from sudden misfortunes. It averts stomach ailments, disaster & evil spirits.
  9. Cats Eye (for Ketu) Protects its wearer from hidden enemies, dangers and diseases best gem for share business and other risks.

Divine Products


Can be found naturally in the flowing river of Gandaki, Nepal. It is said to be a manifestation of Vishnu.

  1. Salagramam worship has the power and ability to enable the worshipper to attain the highest state of consciousness.
  2. Worship it once, and you will have had the equivalent virtue of donating food to ten people.
  3. Worship it ten times, and you will have had the equivalent virtue of donating food to a hundred people.
  4. Worship it a hundred times, and you will have had the equivalent virtue of donating cows or Kodhaanam.
  5. Worship it 1008 times, and you will have had the equivalent virtue of building a temple and performing Kumbabishegam.
  6. Worship it for a life time and the gates of heaven will be open for you.
  7. Releases you from sin and curse.
  8. Releases you from Planetary Malefic effects.
  9. Worship it every Saturday with 108 Tulsi leaves. Life will be prosperous.


Siva Maalai

Consists of Ruthraatcham, Citrine and Spadigam. One Hindu legend says that once Lord Shiva opened His eyes after a long period yogic meditation, because of extreme fulfillment He shed out a tear. This single tear from Shiva’s eye grew into the Rudraksha tree. The citrine stone, is linked with the planet Jupiter. This brings prosperity and happiness in our life. citrine got a many qualities in itself such as it is a sign of wisdom and peace, and it provides a great talisman. The Spadigam, has a controlling energy and the quality of these beads is referring by its purity. Mainly the crystal beads are used to get relieve from stress, headaches and generally support healing and increases intuition. It is best for those who do logical job like mind related jobs and have attention in religious activities. Imagine a combination of these three ? That makes up the Shiva Maalai.


Vishnu Maalai

Consists of Tulsi Beads, Citrine and Spadigam. It pleases the lord Vishnu and Lord Rama. Best rosary for gracious from Vishnu and Rama. While chanting maha mantra ( A common name for the Hare Krishna (mantra) mantra ), it is most essential to use this mala. Use of this mala brings purification of consciousness or atma shuddhi. Atma suddhi is the self purification. Mucus in throat, spleen disease, and all related to cold/cough are eased with this mala. The citrine stone, is linked with the planet Jupiter. This brings prosperity and happiness in our life. citrine got a many qualities in itself such as it is a sign of wisdom and peace, and it provides a great talisman. The Spadigam, has a controlling energy and the quality of these beads is referring by its purity. Mainly the crystal beads are used to get relieve from stress, headaches and generally support healing and increases intuition. It is best for those who do logical job like mind related jobs and have attention in religious activities. Imagine a combination of these three ? That makes up the Vishnu Maalai.