Sapphires are known as stones of wisdom and intelligence, with each colour having its own importance, effects and wisdom. The yellow sapphire is most known for its power to attract wealth and prosperity, which is why these stones are found in most of the treasuries of past monarchs.

The yellow sapphire is also said to be a good healing stone for adolescents as it provides a golden aura for protection against evil. Furthermore, it sharpens memory and intellect, thus improving a child’s education. The stone imparts clarity of mind, helping one to focus on the matter at hand.

Generally, a sapphire is used to purify the mind and clear one’s sight to improve psychic awareness and release stress. Its light rays, when in contact with the skin, purifies the body of all its toxins.

The history of sapphires date back to 7th century BC, when they were used by the Etruscans. Later on, the tradition was carried on by the Greeks and Romans. These sapphires were believed to have been mined from India and Sri Lanka.


Aum Brim Brihaspataye Namaha

Note: To be recited nineteen times.


Planet: Jupiter

Rasi: Dhanusu, Meenam

Star: Punarpoosam, Poorattathy, Vishagam

Day: Thursday


  • Heals the eyes.
  • Purifies the body system and regulates the glands.
  • Releases stress and sharpens focus, intellect and concentration.
  • Extremely useful for cleansing the circulatory system.
  • Brings in prosperity and happiness.
  • Treats asthma.
  • Blesses a woman with childbirth.
  • Helps with marriage, employment and education.
  • Provides energy, strength and serenity.


Note: Yellow sapphire should not be worn with emerald and/or diamond.