For the religiously inclined, the spiritual soul-searcher and the English literate, this is an English based religious book that focuses on Hinduism and the many aspects related to this wonderful religion. This magazine spins a myriad of informative articles about Hinduism and the secrets as well as mysteries behind this religion. Many discourses from Saints and Gurus are provided in this magazine. Information on famous temples and methods of daily worship are provided. Catch a glimpse of your monthly horoscope in this magazine, find out what your numerological number means for you, read comic strips from the religious cycle aimed at helping the young gather the information easily and most of all, relish stories from the Puranas, get acquainted with Yoga Poses, figure out Vastu Shastra at a basic level, and what’s more, get a taste of spiritualism with just a breeze through the book. Priced at RM 5.00, get more than you bargained for. Learn more about Samskaras, Ayurveda, the Hindu way of Life, Vedic Science, Hinduism and it’s connection to science and much more.

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