Titled after one of our women’s magazine, this is a start of a new series of tit bits and household tips for women of all ages. As of now, there is only one volume available. Do you find it hard to balance your work and family? Have you thought of taking a much-needed break? It is medically proven women are much more prone to health risks than men. Women`s health needs extra care and attention. Their constitution is very different and hence needs special care. The importance of taking care of ones health is not understood by many women. But the earlier they understand it is better for them. Here are some health tips, which should be religiously followed amidst all the ordeals, such as, full-time job, meeting office targets, family responsibilities and household chores. These round the clock duties and responsibilities are the major factors that take its toll on women. Many a times it is hard for women`s to juggle and strike a perfect balance between their personal and professional life. Amidst all hard work, and family responsibilities here are some tips on cooking and a beauty regime that can keep you confident and boost your self-esteem. Priced at RM 5.50, this is a must buy

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