The hessonite is often seen as a stone of iron strength, providing the wearer with courage and wisdom. The hessonite is said to have been descended from the Garnet stone. Thus, the hessonite has several properties of the garnet: it purifies, regenerates and energizes.

The hessonite stone purifies the wearer of negative emotions – guilt, depression – and energizes the wearer with positive emotions – love and purity. Thus, it improves the health of the wearer on an emotional level, and indirectly, on a physical level. It also regulates hormone production, reducing impotency and improving fertility.

The hessonite stone, according to tradition, is seen as a talisman that protects the wearer from the evil eye and counteracts any other sort of negative energy. The stone sharpens your intuition, improving upon your psychic awareness. Your perception on people and other matter will be much clearer and accurate.


Aum Ram Raahave Namaha

Note: To be recited nineteen times.


Planet: Raaghu

Rasi: Kumbham, Makaram

Star: Thiruvathirai

Day: Saturday


  • Blesses one with courage and confidence.
  • Provides success in endeavours, especially in education.
  • Relieves one’s fear of death and suicidal tendencies.
  • Eases tension and strained relationships.
  • Wards off evil influences.
  • Provides clarity of mind to be able to make clear decisions.
  • Aids in spiritual growth and relieves mental disturbances.
  • Clears the path of obstacles and hindrances.
  • Capable of increasing the life span of the owner.
  • Exposes enemies.
  • Treats diseases related to the head and fertility.


Note: Hessonite should not be worn with ruby and/or pearl.