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The emerald, a stone of infinite patience, is a symbol of inspiration and creativity. It is a softer gemstone compared to other precious stones. Generally, this stone brings in happiness, love, and loyalty. The emerald stone has had a long history and is one of the oldest stones used by mankind. Its deep green colour is naturally attracting, thus causing the human race to cherish the stone.

The emerald enhances unity and love within a relationship and family. This stone stimulates the heart chakra, cooperation and mutual understanding, and balances emotions.

The emerald proves to be a stone of strength to overcome difficulties and hardships. It heals negative emotions, transforming them into positive ones, and enhances the ability of enjoyment. Mentally, the stone provides clarity and stimulates the intuition. It strengthens the wearer’s memory power and imparts wisdom and knowledge. Also known as a wisdom stone, the emerald brings to surface memories that are unconsciously known.

Another interesting fact about the emerald as a stone of wisdom is that the secrets of Alchemy are carved on an Emerald Tablet. These secrets are yet to be deciphered.


Aum Bhum Budhaya Namaha

Note: To be recited nine times.



Rasi: Mithunam, Kanni

Star: Ayilyam, Kettai, Revathi

Day: Wednesday


  • Brings in fame, fortune and money.
  • Improves memory power and knowledge.
  • Talisman against personality disorders such as lying, etc.
  • Treats sinus, lungs, nose and soothes the eyes.
  • Aids recovery of the spine, muscles and detoxifies the liver.
  • Lessens rheumatism, epilepsy and diabetes.
  • Brings in happiness, bliss, cooperation, understanding and love.
  • Cures stomachaches and headaches, and treats kidney stones.


Note: Emerald should not be worn with blue sapphire, yellow sapphire and/or coral.