The coral gem stone has been in use since pre-historic times, either as an ornament or as a protective talisman. The use of this gem stone was most prevalent during Celtic times. It has a long history with religion which started with the Romans and spread through to the Tibetans. Among the Asian cultures, the coral was highly praised and used to decorate their deities. It was believed that the coral could negate evil forces, calm the soul and bless one with wisdom.

The coral, when worn, raises ones self-esteem and bestows the wearer with confidence. It provides one with capability, dominance in the social sphere and the drive to work harder. The gem stone is said to clear the path of all hurdles. It aids in real estate businesses and in the political sphere.

Furthermore, on a psychological level, the coral gem stone was said to calm the wearer’s mind, leading he/she to appropriate decisions and onto the right path. The gem stone not only calms the mind, but also the soul, leading to a feeling of bliss. The coral also acts as a very powerful and protective talisman, negating with evil influences; it transforms negative energy into positive energy.

This gemstone has also proved to be a useful aid when in sickness by preventing the occurrence of fever, small pox, blood-related diseases, impotency and typhus.


Om Angkaarakaaya Namaha

Note: To be recited nineteen times.


Planet: Mars

Rasi: Mesham, Vrichikam

Star: Mrigasiridam, Chittirai, Avittam

Day: Tuesday


  • Aids in fertility while preventing impotency.
  • Wards away evil influences.
  • Blesses one with courage, confidence and self-esteem.
  • Provides the wearer with success in unexpected occasions.
  • Regulates the hormone system.
  • Prevents the regular occurrence of headaches and stomach aches.
  • Bestows one with luck in the case of real estate.
  • Prevents and/or cures blood-related diseases.
  • Treats piles, diarrhoea and heat-related diseases.

Note: Coral should not be worn with blue sapphire and/or emerald.