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The cat’s eye is a gemstone that is generally used to protect one against the malefic effects of Kethu. The stone is a descendent of a Chrysoberyl. Cat’s eye is commonly known as a protective talisman and also as a stone of new beginnings. It aligns with and opens the crown chakra, making way for spiritual awareness.

The cats’ eye gemstone protects one against evil influences, and most importantly, witch craft. It also helps one deal with the fear of death. Moreover, the stone helps in decisive planning and steers one in the direction of justice, while encouraging forgiveness towards those who have committed wrong doings toward them.

As the cat’s eye stimulates and opens the crown chakra, it releases creativity and and spirituality. Both these traits help the wearer in construction a peaceful life, essential for one to deal with the destructive effects of Kethu. Furthermore, this gemstone sharpens the wit and intellect of the wearer. It makes one confident and determined; a definite path can be seen by the wearer. The use of this gemstone is said to have sharpened the wearer’s night vision.

The cat’s eye gemstone plays a minor role in regulating the hormone system as it controls the cholesterol level in the body while balancing the adrenaline enzymes. Moreover, it aids facial pain, headaches and chest and liver related diseases.


Aum Kem Kethuve Namaha

Note: To be recited eighteen times.


Planet: Kethu

Rasi: Meenam

Star: Ashwini, Makam, Moolam

Day: Thursday


  • Blesses one with fame, fortune and luck.
  • Increases one’s devotion to God.
  • Protects the wearer from evil influences and mysterious diseases.
  • Enhances night vision.
  • Sharpens the wit and intellect while promoting creativity.
  • Treats diseases related to breathing and the eyes.
  • Relieves one of headaches, facial pain and other minor pains.
  • Cures asthma and jaundice.


Note: Cat’s eye should not be worn with ruby and/or pearl.