Sapphires are known as stones of wisdom and intelligence, with each colour having its own importance, effects and wisdom. The blue sapphire is considered as a stone of spiritualism. It is associated with the heart chakra.

There are four different types of blue sapphires, with each one having slight variations in their healing properties: Indra NeelamRaja NeelamJala Neelam andKaru Neelam. The blue sapphire is said to connect very deeply with earth, one of the five elements.

The blue sapphire is a tranquilizing stone, helping its wearer’s to become steady in their resolve with a clear path in their heads. It leads one towards the right path. It also stimulates and heals the throat chakra.

The history of sapphires date back to 7th century BC, when they were used by the Etruscans. Later on, the tradition was carried on by the Greeks and Romans. These sapphires were believed to have been mined from India and Sri Lanka.


Aum Sham Shaneeshvaraaya Namaha

Note: To be recited twenty-three times.


Planet: Saturn

Rasi: Makaram, Kumbham

Star: Anusham, Uttirattathy

Day: Friday and Saturday


  • Lengthens one’s life span and brings in prosperity.
  • Counteracts the evil eye and transforms negative energy to positive.
  • Prevents the occurrence of headaches, mental diseases, gouts and skin diseases.
  • Blesses one with health, fortune and courage.
  • Blesses one with luck in obtaining vehicles and protects against the dangers of travelling.

Note: A blue sapphire should not be worn with ruby, coral and/or pearl.